Superchange Traffic and Sale

Superchange Traffic and Sale

To get the most out of our system please follow the steps below:

Promote us!

Help us spread the word about our website and all our exciting memberships and be guaranteed a generous commission. Get promotion materials by clicking here.

Once there, follow the instructions to promote, you will earn 300 mailing credits per referral, you will also earn money from every person you refer that upgrades, and receive commissions if one of your referral make a purchase.

Account Setup

The next step is update your Account and Commission information so that we can keep proper records and pay you!

Be Active!

The more you active! The more credits you earn and make money with us!

Start looking for emails sent from (, you should get one within the next few hours. Each of these emails contain a credit clicking link where you can earn 5-20 credits per click. But that’s not all…You will also get Active Member’s Credit Bonus if you do this for just 15 minutes a day, so you will earn up to 3000 credits per week!

IMPORTANT: When you get your first email, make sure to click ‘this is not spam’ for your first email so your ISP knows you are expecting our mail.

Get Even More!

Enjoy even more benefits by upgrading your memberships. You will earn higher mailing credits and commissions, send more emails everyday, and take advantage of many of our special features. Make sure to check out your upgrade options.


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