Hang On A Minute: Jurors Awarded Apple Damages Without Finding Infringements


It’s a good thing that lawyers from both Apple and Samsung were allowed to review the jury’s verdict document after it was read, because there seem to be a few issues with it. Upon further review, there were two instances in which the jury prescribed monetary damages in Apple’s favor without actually backing up the decision.

UPDATE 2: The jury has returned, and has now reversed their original decision regarding the Intercept, which means the total amount of damages owed to Apple is now only (ha!) $1,049,343,540.

According to Judge Lucy Koh, the jury awarded Apple nearly $220,000 in damages when it came to Samsung’s LTE-capable Galaxy Tab 10.1, but didn’t formally note any instances of patent infringement or inducement.

The other device in question was the Samsung Intercept — the jury reported that the smartphone didn’t infringe on the multi-finger navigation and tap-to-zoom utility patents but apparently thought…

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