There’s more off grid clean power devices popping up on Kickstarter (I covered the ReadySet last month). Peppermint Energy, a startup in South Dakota, has developed a “utility in a box” solar power gadget called the Forty2 that collects, stores and distributes solar power.

The team turned to Kickstarter recently to raise money to fund the production of the first 250 units. The funds will be used for the molds and dies for the units, and the project, which was shooting for $25,000, has already been funded with almost $35,000.

Other off grid clean power devices are being designed as separate parts — you buy the batteries, the solar panel, and the grid integration system and combine them. Peppermint Energy wanted their solar unit to be a single device — which closes to look almost like a ruggedized portable computer — and also be small enough to be…

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