Business Insider Editor-in-Chief Henry Blodget wrote an article on Kleiner Perkins that I actually agree with, pointing out how the once dominant VC firm has misstepped when it comes to its web investments — particularly its later stage investments in Groupon, Zynga and Facebook. But Blodget missed a big chunk of Kleiner’s fall from grace story: the firm’s investing struggles include a really aggressive bet on capital intensive cleantech companies several years ago, which has yet to pay off and from which Kleiner seems to be moving away.

Blodget focuses his article on how in the early 2000’s “Kleiner lost its edge,” and missed investments the first time around in the next generation Internet companies like Facebook, Twitter, Zynga, LinkedIn, and Groupon. Then in 2011, seemingly to make up for those missed investments, Kleiner launched its digital growth fund and tried to associate itself with hot web companies by buying…

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