If you, like most smartphone wielding, GigaOM-reading information addicts, spend all day twitchily looking at your phone to see whether any new messages have come in, then let me introduce you to Pops, a notification service that you will either love or hate.

Last time I wrote about the Israeli startup, I said that Pops was producing the next generation of personalized ringtones, like Crazy Frog. But here’s another way of explaining what it does: Pops gives notifications an injection that makes them bigger and more brash than ever before.

Here’s the basic idea: Instead of simply getting a little alert box on your screen when a new message comes in, running Pops means you can get pretty much anything you like — a custom animation, a video, a piece of music, or some artwork. And that’s it. The alert comes in on your Android (s GOOG) handset…

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