VMware’s(s vmw) annual VMworld shindig is next week, giving the company a golden opportunity to answer a lot of questions about its future and its future products. Here are five topics the company needs to address at the event where incoming CEO Pat Gelsinger, and out-going CEO Paul Maritz  will both keynote.

1: Settle the spin out question

Will VMware spin out its Cloud Foundry platform as a service and other cloud assets or keep them in house? As GigaOM reported last month, a spinout was under consideration as a way to help the company become a bigger player in cloud computing. Packaged together, the open-source Cloud Foundry PaaS, EMC’s Greenplum data analysis expertise and an infrastructure as a platform play — all of that could make a cloud foundation that could take on rivals Amazon(s amzn), Microsoft (s msft) and Google (s goog).

2: Clarify the software-defined data center…

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