Preview: Super GT Comparison – CR-Z GT300 vs. Prius GT300


So, I actually have a lot of cool stuff to post up and write about; new features, Super GT news, shop visits – the only snag is, I can’t access it!  Earlier to day one of my portable hard drives went haywire and as a result I don’t currently have access to the files.  I’m running some recovery software now, but it’s going to take quite awhile.  Hopefully all is not lost!  One of said cool posts I am referring to is a comparison between the now two hybrid competitors in the Super GT series.  The newcomer CR-Z you see here, and the Prius that has been running all season.  There are actually quite a few difference between the two, and I thought it might be cool to highlight some – with loads of pictures of course.  I just got some new material from our friends over at JDM…

Lihat pos aslinya 47 kata lagi


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