Facebook’s Instagram Acquisition Greenlit, Now Worth $747 Million Down From $1 Billion


More than four months after the deal was announced, the Federal Trade Commission has closed its investigation of Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and the deal may proceed. Currently the deal is worth $747 million, with $300 million in cash plus $447 million in stock based on 22,999,412 shares of Facebook at today’s $19.44 share price.

That’s a lot less than nearly $1 billion when the deal first was signed based on the $30 share price at the time, or the $1.14 billion expected from Facebook’s $38 IPO price. Here’s our breakdown of why the FTC approved the deal and what happens next.

The commission unanimously agreed to close the investigation with a 5-0 vote. The deal will likely close officially soon and the two companies will finally be able to start integrating. We asked Facebook when it expected the deal would finally be set in stone, but it would only reply…

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