Typesafe, the company behind the Java-compatible Scala computing language, will use $14 million in new Series B funding to entrench the language in enterprise applications. “We will build out the commercial engineering team and in more developer outreach to make sure they know about this stack and who Typesafe is,” said Mark Brewer CEO of the Menlo Park, Calif. company.

The new funding comes from Shasta Ventures and Juniper Networks(s jnpr) — a Scala customer — which invested through its Junos Innovation Fund. Brewer is clearly jazzed about expanding Scala, an open source language and its associated Akka framework — beyond the web-scale applications where it’s found traction.

“A year ago most of the apps [using Scala] were scale-out big web applications like Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn(s lnk) but in that time we started seeing more traditional business applications where developers chose Scala over Java,” Brewer said. He said many developers…

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