A new Rackspace(s rax) service will give its customers a better view into how their cloud infrastructure is working around the world, according to John Engates, Rackspace CTO.

Launching Wednesday, the new Rackspace Cloud Monitoring service comes out of Rackspace’s purchase of Cloudkick two years ago. The availability of such services that provide a better view into how a company’s cloud workloads are running is increasingly important as more companies evaluate moving more tasks into cloud infrastructure. The tool will work against Rackspace or any other cloud infrastructure, the company said.

Users can interact with the system either via the API or a new cloud control dashboard which they can use to “spin up monitoring instances, ping their services. Right now it’s just the basics, we’ll add features and capabilities over time,” Engates said in an interview Tuesday.

Engates downplayed any suggestion that the new service will compete directly with…

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