Apple’s (s AAPL) plans to turn its Apple TV into a cable set-top box involve a cloud DVR feature that would allow viewers to tune into shows any time they want, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. Other demands made by Apple apparently include extended windows for VOD content.

The Journal didn’t share many details about planned features for the cloud DVR offering, which makes it hard to judge what exactly Apple may have in mind. The paper said that including such a feature would force Apple to negotiate further rights with broadcasters in addition to its ongoing negotiations with cable operators.

However, there are two competing models for a cloud-based content offering that Apple could take cues from:

  • Cablevision(s CVC) offers its subscribers a network DVR, which offers TiVo-like(s TIVO) capabilities in the cloud. The service allows customers time-shifting, which includes jumping back to the…

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