Before Apple decided to open its wallet for mobile-security chip company AuthenTec last month, the two companies had already been collaborating on some new technology for a future Apple product. That news was teased out of a recent AuthenTec SEC filing by The Next Web on Thursday. That means we might see the product of their collaboration sooner than previously thought.

The deal for Apple to purchase AuthenTec for $356 million was disclosed quietly, through an SEC filing, on July 26. But the outright purchase of the company wasn’t the original plan, apparently. AuthenTec, a pioneer in biometric security that makes fingerprint sensors for mobile devices, had some new technology it was looking to sell to device makers. It approached several companies last year, but apparently Apple was the only one interested, according to the filing:

Late in 2011 and early in 2012, the Company [AuthenTec] discussed new technology with…

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