SimpliVity thinks it’s time for a super appliance to take on many workloads now handled by multiple appliances and that’s what its OmniCube aims to do.

The beauty of a data center appliance is that it can plug right in and start working with minimal configuration and heartache. But that simplicity is undercut once companies start deploying multiple special-purpose appliances to handle different tasks — WAN optimization, deduplication, backup, etc.  SimpliVity says its OmniCube super-appliance will handle all that stuff.

“We’ve developed new stack software and an accelerator card that handles ‘hot data’ — the writes and seeks most companies run on — and put that all into a 2U box that combines server, storage, networking functionality now handled by all these other boxes,” SimpliVity CEO Doron Kempel, an EMC veteran, said in a recent interview. “We dedupe and compress all that data once and forever. Everyone else dedupes…

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