AT&T(s t) has finally come to the conclusion that subsidies don’t make sense when it comes to selling tablets. Over the weekend, Engadget uncovered a document stating that AT&T would it would start selling all its 3G-4G tablets at full price, eliminating the contracts that come with them.

The Verge confirmed with store representatives that the policy change will start Monday, and in fact, AT&T’s $35/3 GB contract tablet plan has disappeared from its website. AT&T only subsidized Android(s goog) slates, not the iPad(s aapl), so the impact won’t be huge. AT&T also isn’t the only operator to dump tablet subsidies. Verizon did so in June when it launched its shared data plans. But these policy changes are significant.

As my colleague Tom Krazit points out smartphones are fundamentally different devices than tablets. While mobile data connectivity is the smartphone’s primary reason for existing, cellular broadband is…

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