Last month, FreedomPop began taking pre-orders for a $99 sleeve that turns an iPod touch into a voice-enabled 4G handset. The device uses Clearwire’s(s clwr) WiMAX 4G network for connectivity and is combined with a VoIP software client so that the iPod essentially becomes a modern day smartphone. That sounds great for those that don’t want a monthly smartphone bill — Freedom Pop gives you 500 MB a month for free — but what happens if you need to dial 911?

The answer to that is to be determined. Light Reading surfaced this issue last week, and was told by a Freedom Pop representative that the company “should have more insights by launch later this Summer.” This issue isn’t unique to Freedom Pop, though, as it applies to all voice over IP calls. However, many such services can leverage a phone’s GPS chip or fall back to a…

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