Apple(s AAPL) isn’t the only one that’s had to reveal secrets in the course of its patent infringement trial with Samsung. A report submitted as evidence shows Samsung’s actual U.S. sales of the Galaxy Tab — and they’re really low compared to the worldwide sales the company has been reporting.

For example, in December 2010, the first quarter Samsung’s tablet launched, it announced it had sold 1 million units worldwide. According to court documents AllThingsD and CNET published yesterday, Samsung sold 262,000 in the U.S. Back in December 2010, it was reported that 100,000 Tabs were sold in Samsung’s home market in South Korea. But even at the time we wondered where the rest of the 900,000 sales were going. If 262,000 were in the U.S., that leaves more than 600,000 sales unaccounted for. And if they weren’t selling in the U.S., the world’s largest tablet market, well, where did…

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