With so many people writing about Apple(s AAPL), finding the best stories and reports isn’t easy. Here’s our daily pick of stories about the company from around the Web that you shouldn’t miss:

  • In The Wall Street Journal today, another theory as to why Apple departed from its standard marketing playbook with the (negatively received) “Genius” TV ad campaign: it was aimed at the over-35 demographic.
  • As the courtroom theatrics of the Apple-Samsung patent infringement trial continue, Reuters describes how high emotions have been running in the proceedings — and how unusual that is for a federal court case.
  • Apple has opted to sue Samsung, HTC and Motorola instead of directly going after Google for Android’s similarity to iOS. But CNET has uncovered some clues that indicate Google may be, at least behind the scenes, playing a part in the current Samsung-Apple trial after all.
  • Apple might be making a smaller…

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