Dear Apple(s aapl) (particularly Eddy Cue but also Tim Cook, Scott Forstall and Phil Schiller),

I wanted to say thanks for making my birthday weekend so special with news from your trial with Samsung. I was celebrating the fact that I made it through another year and was offline when the news hit. Eddy — can I call you Eddy? — you read one of my more controversial posts from Jan. 2011 and shared it with Tim, Scott and Phil. Eddy, I echo your comments about most activities working quite well on a 7-inch tablet and read that you thought browsing wasn’t so great. I find it pretty decent, but you say “tomato,” I say “tomahto,” and it’s all good.

By the way, that web browser from early 2011 has already been replaced by a much better version of Chrome(s goog). I recommend giving it a try as I think…

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