What device gets Android 4.1 next? HP’s TouchPad!


There’s more than a million HP TouchPad tablets out in the world, but essentially they’re all dead-end devices. HP open-sourced the webOS operating system so it lives on, however, no current webOS hardware, such as the TouchPad, supports it. Thanks to the Android development community, there’s a build of Android 4.1(s goog), or Jelly Bean, for this hardware that otherwise has no future.

Enthusiast site Liliputing took the plunge by installing the CyanogenMod 10 software on a TouchPad(s hpq) and I’ll be doing the same as a future weekend project. Why would I wait? Well, this is still a work in progress and there are key functions not yet working: no microphone, camera or audio yet, and the graphics aren’t quite right, so no online video support yet.

Here’s a look at what does work, which might be enough for some to take the early plunge.

Based on…

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