Users Claim Twoo Is Spamming Their Friends, Social Network Says It’s “Just Not Clear Enough”


Users are complaining that Twoo, a social networking service, is sending unwanted messages to their contacts. Co-founder and CEO Lorenz Bogaert counters that this is a misunderstanding and the company is working to fix it.

Users, both those who have emailed me and who have posted public reviews in the app store, say that the mobile app is intentionally designed to be tricky and cause the user to invite their entire address book.

The app auto-selects all of the user’s friends with no unselect all button, meaning the user must manually unselect every friend. While the “connect” button fairly obviously pings all of the user’s contacts, the “next” button will also send messages to all of the user’s friends. Additionally, the orange outlines around contacts’ images signifies that they are selected; however, this is not obvious as the app auto-selects all contacts and the orange outline appears to be part…

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