Thelyphonida! – Careyes, Mexico


Initially I had thought this was a Thelyphonida species, which I photographed in Jalisco, Mexico, however thanks to the following informative comment from reader Dan Proud, I stand corrected… I quote Dan’s comment here: “I’d like to point out that this is actually a species belonging to the arachnid order Amblypygida (and not Thelyphonida). The most common name for amblypygids is tailless whip scorpion – because they lack that long whip-like “tail” found on vinegarroons. Amblypygids are certainly fascinating creatures and are also completely harmless (lack venom, don’t bite – they may try to claw at you with their intimidating pedipalps but it is painless)!

Thanks for the info Dan…

Click photo to enlarge…

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