Philadelphia Photo Journal


{ Philadelphia 30th Street Station }

I spent two days exploring Philadelphia, Pennsylvania– a city filled with American history and culture and beautiful architecture.  Unfortunately, the days were short lived and I had only enough time to sight-see, but now that my brother has officially made a permanent residence in Philly, I’m already thinking of future visits to further explore museums and historical sights.  Philadelphia was a nice little break from the crazy hustle and bustle of New York that can often be overwhelming and exhausting… while still giving an exciting city-life feel.

{ Annual Car Show and Street Festival – East Passyunk Street }

Roaming around the streets of Philly on a Sunday afternoon, we luckily walked into this cool street fair.  A whole street full of unique finds, independent vendors, and vintage clothing and accessories… oh and cars too.

{ Pretty handmade rings I picked up for $3…

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