Dear Yahoo, I Redesigned Your Website (And Took Out 512,240 Pixels Of Banner Ads)


Dear Yahoo!,

I’ve redesigned your website (five sites, actually) and I’d like to get your opinion.

Across five properties — Homepage, Screen, OMG, Flickr, Music — I’ve removed 4 square banner ads, 2 wide rectangles, 2 text ads, and an interruptive preroll. I’ve replaced those traditional ads with content-based ads that are entirely native to each site’s user experience — promoted videos, promoted playlists, promoted trends, promoted images, and promoted articles.

The kicker? I’m confident you could pull this off without having an impact on long term advertising revenue.

Y! Homepage: See the redesign

Y! Screen: See the redesign

Y! OMG: See the redesign

Flickr: See the redesign

Y! Music: See the redesign

Here’s what I removed (and no offense intended to the advertisers below):

* That’s 512,240 pixels of traditional display advertising, if anyone’s counting.

And here’s what I added:

Your Silicon Valley counterparts have…

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