As a venture investor and board member, I am relentlessly in pursuit of companies that can set forth aggressive goals, and then exceed them. One of my portfolio company CEOs likes to use the term “consciously competent” — which means being successful by design, rather than by luck. Clearly, this is a goal most startups aspire to (although luck is good too!), and it requires carefully tracking metrics that accurately measure the performance of your business model. For many SaaS startups, this has meant inventing new metrics to fit with their model, as many of the traditional ones do not. In recent years, those of us working in or with SaaS companies have become accustomed to variations on such metrics as committed monthly recurring revenue (CMRR), customer acquisition cost (CAC), lifetime value (LTV), churn, etc.

But there is a problem. Many of these companies will one day be acquired, and most of the…

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