The smartphone market giveth and the smartphone market taketh away. That’s the hard lesson HTC continues to learn after rising on Android’s(s goog) tide until Samsung jumped in with both feet: HTC announced lower revenues and margins for its second fiscal quarter of the year and lowered its forward guidance yet again.

When looking at the numbers compared to the prior quarter, everything looks fine. HTC revenues rose 34.3 percent while gross profit improved by 44.9 percent. But HTC’s performance had been sinking for several quarters prior; the company warned that such was happening and lowered its guidance for three quarters prior. So why the bump up in the most recent quarter?

Early this year, HTC changed its strategy to one of consolidation. Instead of creating multiple phones — the Samsung approach — HTC designed its One line, which is more akin to the Apple(s aapl) approach. It took…

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