Y Combinator Backed Startup Authy Wants To Help You Prevent A Dropbox Style Security SNAFU


In response to a security breach, Dropbox promised to add an optional new layer of security known as two factor authentication. If you want to add two factor authentication to your own app but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck: Authy is a Y Combinator backed startup launching today that makes it easy to add optional two factor authentication to your application. You just add some API calls to your app and your users will be able to use their phones as a second layer of authentication.

authy screenshotTwo factor authentication means you need something extra besides just a password to access a site or service – something you have, something you know or something you are. Something you have could be a security card or a hardware dongle. Something you are could be proved with biometrics, like a thumb print or retina scan. Something you know could be…

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