when life gives you nothing, have a creamy orange pineapple & peach popsicle

of agates and madeleines

I don’t often go into real detail about my goings-on here. Rather, I may choose to discuss the merits of long-distance hikes, or reminisce for times of travel, or write in epic prose about my feelings on certain chocolates, or diffuse any hidden feelings with cute pictures of my cat.

Hey, here’s a cute picture of my cat that I thought you might like.

The only indication of my true situation is when I leave  giveaway comments on other blogs, something along the lines of “This looks so frackin’ yummy! I should make it, since I probably won’t be busy again until 2019! Haha, suckerssss!!!” or “If only I could get a job, I could stop staring at my Google Reader waiting for your next post to come out! But LOLZ I’d choose you over employment any day! F’real!”

In summary, I can’t seem to get a job. I’ve been…

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