Jumping with Maasai, Fishing in Lake Victoria, and Playing with Children in Karatu: Tanzania – Part One

Temporarily Lost

My brief sojourn from life on the road has finally come to an end, my default mental state has – thankfully – reverted back to that of a novice explorer first encountering new lands, and my energy reserves has been replenished, all in anticipation of diving back into the world with the renewed vigor and enthusiasm.  Restarting the “travel engine”, however, can be a bit like trying to turn around a thousand-ton freighter in the shallows of a small river, so I figured — from a timing perspective – the best way to get going again was to place myself in an environment completely foreign from the Western culture to which I’ve grown accustomed.

With this in mind, my next destination was that of the East African country of Tanzania — a melange of nearly a hundred separate ethnic groups; where practitioners of Christianity, Islam, and traditional Tribal beliefs all rub shoulders; where one can glimpse the juxtaposition of colorful and multi-cultural port…

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