How Facebook Could Save Its Shattered Share Price


If Facebook’s share price continues to plummet, it’s going to have a lot tougher time signing and retaining the top talent who can answer its big questions. It needs more revenue, or at least clear ways of generating it to persuade investors. But payments aren’t growing anymore, and its current ads aren’t enough.

It can’t wait to set the money-making wheels in motion. It needs decisive action, immediately. Here’s my breakdown of exactly what Facebook needs to do next if it wants to start clawing its way from $20 back to its $38 IPO price.

Why is this a crisis? Last week’s earnings report showed that Facebook’s current business model isn’t built to last. That’s not to say it’s doing poorly now, and as a private company things would have looked alright. But as a public company reporting all its stats, there’s the perception it’s not succeeding, and that…

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