Facebook Drops Below $20: Worth Less Than What MSFT Offered For Yahoo In 2008?


Today, Facebook hit a new milestone, perhaps one that it won’t be celebrating much: the stock went down past $20 a share. In fact, as this post is being written it’s trading at $19.99.

Because this number is a bit arbitrary, here’s some context for how the mighty sometimes become less mighty: this might make Facebook worth less than $44.6 billion, what Microsoft offered to pay for Yahoo in 2008:

Why do we write “might”? A caveat to point out: as Henry Blodget pointed out earlier today,  sites like Google Finance and Yahoo Finance might be getting their shares outstanding wrong. Facebook tells him that the number of shares outstanding as of today are 2.74 billion. If you multiply that by the share price, you get a market cap of $54,772,600,000, not $42.83 billion, as noted above.

According to Blodget’s calculation, we will need to wait until the stock…

Lihat pos aslinya 108 kata lagi


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