Boingo’s(s wifi) already extensive Wi-Fi hotspot network is about to get a little bigger (and perhaps a little greasier). The Wi-Fi aggregator has signed a deal with The Wendy’s Company to install and manage access points in its US and Canadian restaurants.

There are about 6000 Wendy’s locations in North America, but they won’t all necessary get Wi-Fi. According to a spokesperson, Boingo is gradually expanding Wendy’s hotspot footprint from a pilot of several dozen locations to the rest of the Wendy’s company-owned restaurants, but Wendy’s independent franchises will make the call on whether to participate in the program. Nearly three-quarters of Wendy’s restaurants are franchised, so there’s no guarantee that any given restaurant will participate.

Still, the deal could add more beef (get it?) to Boingo’s growing network, which now encompasses 500,000 managed hotspots globally. Boingo and its partners’ subscribers will connect automatically to the Wendy’s hotspots when…

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