Multiple microphones and amplifier technology are helping to make phone calls, songs and videos sound louder and clearer for some time. Don’t rule out “old school” approaches, however. Falco Freeman has a created a Kickstarter project for the AudioGlove; an iPhone(s aapl) case that uses simple accoustics to boost sound as needed and it clearly works; testing at Dolby’s sound labs proved the case, as it were, which should boost sound volume by about 20 percent.

Conceptually, the idea makes sense. When you need the sound boost, you extend the bottom of the case, creating an accoustic channel to boost both sound levels and the microphone input. Think of it as passive noise-cancellation on one hand and compressing or aiming sound waves for richer and louder audio. Here’s how it works and what it looks like:

The AudioGlove project only has around $8,400 of its $30,000 funding goal, but…

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