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The Online Party of Canada says it plans to field candidates in three upcoming federal byelections — a move that would take the upstart group from being “eligible” to a “registered” federal party. The group, which decides its stance on issues by online vote, now has 3,000 users and 278 members, said party leader Michael Nicula. National Post reporter Armina Ligaya spoke with Mr. Nicula about the voting process, preventing Internet trolls from hacking their polls, and how members can still vote through old-fashioned snail mail. This is an edited transcript of that conversation.

Q: Why did you create this political party?
A: Years ago, I was trying to reach my MP and say, “How come the government actually pushes us further into this [Afghanistan] war, spending billions of dollars, not to mention the human life cost, when the majority of the Canadians don’t support it? There is a disconnect…

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