Quora Launches ‘Views’ To Show You Exactly Who Is Reading Your Posts


You may have noticed recently that Quora has increasingly required you to log in to see the full breadth of the site’s question-and-answer content. Today, it’s rolling out a new feature that shares some of the data it collects from those signed-in users: Quora ‘Views,’ site analytics that show you just how many people have read your Quora questions, answers, or posts.

Now, when you’re signed into Quora, you will register as having “viewed” questions you see in your feed or in your weekly digest email. That will show up to others who view the question or the person who wrote it as seeing your face and name next to it — and it will also say what led you there, as your view being “via” a person or topic you follow.

Views from people who are logged out of Quora will still show up in the aggregate number of…

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