listen: “lord knows” – dum dum girls

Dum Dum Girls have a commitment to their style I can appreciate.  I saw them at SXSW a few years back, and each time, whether they were playing or just hanging out, they had the same look: in a group, never smiling, clad in black from their ever-present sunglasses to their boots.

It was completely intimidating and completely intriguing.  Everywhere they went, they elicited furtive glances from a crowd that was always concerned with looking uninterested.

Now, does that mean their music is any good?  Of course not.  There’s plenty of bands that look badass, but happen to sound terrible.  In this case, though, Dum Dum Girls have the music to back up their look – 60s girl group combined with garage rock.

Lihat pos aslinya 71 kata lagi


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