Getting Married? Wedding Party Collects Photos From Guests’ Phones To Create Beautiful Online Albums


Many of the startups targeting the weddings space today are focused on offering better services for the bride and/or the couple, but with a new mobile application called Wedding Party, that model has been flipped on its head. Wedding Party wants to offer a better wedding experience for the guests first, which then, in turn, will benefit the couple being married.

The app offers a simple way to allow wedding guests participate in the creation of a digital wedding album by sharing photos, notes, and later on, videos. It’s the modern-day equivalent of the guy running around with the video camera, bugging you to “say something nice about the couple.”

After all, doesn’t that guy always appear right when you’ve shoved a big bite of wedding cake in your face, or when you’ve gotten too tipsy from the open bar? Oh, that’s just me?

The idea with Wedding Party…

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