Amazon Instant Video Hits iPad, but App Store Rules Complicate Things


If you’re like me, your left calf muscle unexpectedly knotted up so horrendously while you were sleeping last night that you had to actually get out of bed and stand on your good leg to make whatever the hell was happening stop. You’re also an Amazon Prime subscriber.

You say to yourself, “Hey, $79 per year for two-day shipping on Amazon products seems like a fair deal even though most of those same orders would generally only take around three to four days otherwise. I’m better at not waiting than I am at waiting.”

Amazon has been slowly-but-surely sweetening the Prime deal over the years by adding a Netflix-like collection of free (with Prime membership, of course) movies and TV shows to be streamed as you see fit. You can also borrow a self-destructing Kindle e-book each month from around 150,000 available titles.

Amazon has just made its Instant Video…

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