A Non-Hovering Hoverfly (and a Ladybug Larva)

Sat Nav and Cider

Hoverfly on White FlowerI was taking photos of what I believe are white morning glories when a bee (I thought) landed on one of the flowers close by. As I looked closer I could tell that it wasn’t a bee, but it wasn’t a fly either.

Hoverfly on White FlowerIntrigued, I shifted my attention and my camera towards the mystery insect and watched as it licked up grains of pollen.

Hoverfly on White FlowerA later Internet search revealed that this not-bee/not-fly is actually a hoverfly (a.k.a. flower fly or syrphid fly). Because hoverflies feed mainly on nectar and pollen, they are often seen hovering at flowers, hence the name.

Hoverfly on White FlowerLucky for me, this particular hoverfly was in no hurry to hover or do much of anything else besides eat this flower’s pollen then take a post-meal nap.

Ladybug Larvae on White FlowerOn a nearby flower I spotted this tiny (creepy looking) bug darting around. It turns out that this flower-runner is, I believe, a ladybug larva (or ladybird as they are called…

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