Keeping your personal and professional documents in the cloud so you have access to them everywhere is on it’s way to becoming standard practice: it’s why Google(s GOOG) and Apple now have their own cloud storage solution for users. But what if you’re on the fence about committing to the cloud but want an all-in-one mobile app to organize your stuff? Then a small midwestern app company called has an iPad app for you.

The app is called Projectbook, and it’s available in the iOS App Store starting Wednesday for $6.99 (the promotional price will be $1.99 for a limited time). It’s a productivity app for keeping notes, appointments, presentations and anything related to project management in one place. The inspiration for Projectbook came to founder and CEO Peter Tamte — who started MacSoft software and later worked as as consumer marketing director at Apple(s AAPL) in the ’90s…

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