China always wins: What’s true for Olympic disciplines like diving also holds true for the online video coverage of the games — or any other worldwide sporting event, for that matter. Broadcasters like the BBC and NBC (s CMCSK) may clock record numbers with their live streams of the London Games, but their audience numbers will almost certainly once again be dwarfed by CNTV’s live streams.

The state-owned Chinese sports broadcaster is steaming a record 5,600 hours live from London, including an online re-broadcast of CNTV’s terrestrial feed as well as six to nine online-exclusive live feeds. It’s getting some help with its live streaming from New Jersey-based video platform provider Neulion. Neulion EVP Chris Wagner told me last week that the company is very excited about this unique challenge: “The numbers are staggering,” he said of China’s huge online audience.

And staggering they are: When CNTV streamed the World…

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