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The Dark Knight Trilogy – A Hero’s Journey

Batman Begins was all about fear, mastering it, manipulating it and its overall power. The Dark Knight was about chaos, how it is fair and equalizing, how it can turn a city against itself. The Dark Knight Rises was all about pain, not necessarily just physical but spiritual and mental, that life is pain and pain is necessary for life to exist.

Nolan’s trilogy is unique and will never be outdone, because the man decided to take this comic book hero and put him in the real world, with real problems and interacting with real people. Nolan’s villains weren’t silly or campy, they didn’t have giant lasers or unbelievably silly minions, they were human and that is why they worked, why they were so terrifying. Nolan’s Bruce/Batman wasn’t just a billionaire with too much time on his hands, he was a flawed…

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