Still Protesting? Facebook Will Soon Force You To Switch To Timeline


Over the next few months, anyone still refusing to voluntarily switch to the Timeline profile redesign will be automatically migrated, Facebook tells me. Users could choose to adopt the redesign starting in January, but there have been some hold-outs who didn’t want their whole life becoming easier to access, or just hated change.

Soon they won’t have a choice, though. Facebook revealed to me it plans to complete the Timeline rollout by this fall as part of its photo revamp this morning. By waiting to minimizing the number of users it’s forcing to switch, and doing it all gradually, Facebook will have successfully avoided the wildfire protests that characterized its early years.

Before the end of the year, those still on the old design will see a prompt upon their next login telling them about the switch to Timeline. They’ll then have seven days to curate their old posts and voluntarily publish their Timeline…

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