We’re smack in the middle of earnings season, so what better time to look at what our favorite providers of consumer cloud services spend on capital expenditures? As we pore and pontificate over revenue and income, it’s good to remember what it actually costs to keep the web up and running.

Here are a few things worth noting as you study the numbers:

  • Not all capex spending is on web infrastructure (data centers and servers) — the general category is “acquisition of property and equipment” — but much of it is.
  • Apple (s aapl) is making up for lost time — it spent more in its fiscal Q3 than during its entire fiscal 2010, and nearly twice as much as 2009. Its year-over-year increase was 164 percent.
  • Facebook’s (s fb) capex spending as a percentage of its revenue is by far the highest, and its 212 percent year-over-year spending growth tops…

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