Tablets such as the Nexus 7 had the spotlight last week, but this week was more about Android smartphones. At this point, most of the new handsets — with a few exceptions of the lower end models —  are finally launching with Android 4.0, Google’s platform that was announced in October of 2011. The improved platform combined with the latest hardware innovations are continuing to propel Android handset sales forward.

The top seller this year may already be Samsung’s Galaxy S III, which only launched in late May. This week, Samsung announced 10 million sales of its flagship phone and that surely helped the company’s overall handset sales figure. Samsung hit record profits — $4.5 billion — in the second quarter of 2012 and according to IDC estimates, sold 50.2 million handsets during that time period.

Putting those figures in perspective: Samsung’s total mobile phone sales for the quarter were…

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