Valve Software bigwig Gabe Newell has his long knives out and he’s slashing in Windows 8’s direction, going so far as to call Microsoft’s imminent operating system makeover a “catastrophe.”

It’s not the first time for Newell, who allegedly took umbrage with Windows 8 while visiting with Linux community buff Michael Larabel, who wrote “[Newell’s] level of Linux interest and commitment was incredible while his negativity for Windows 8 and the future of Microsoft was stunning.”

(MORE: Steam Native Linux Client Near? Gabe Newell Trashes Windows 8?)

No, I don’t think Newell means the operating system itself is the devil, as some seem to be reading it, but rather that he’s addressing a few significant platform-related features launching with Windows 8, and what they entail for what he refers to as “the openness of the platform.”

Here’s what he had to say during a recent Q&A at…

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