Jason Gaedtke, director of software engineering for YouTube’s (s goog) live streaming efforts, doesn’t expect to get much sleep over the next two weeks. YouTube is live streaming the London Olympics for NBC (s CMCSK), and Gaedtke is about to go on a time zone-induced around-the-clock work binge, following the events as they unfold in London, communicating with the NBC folks on the East Coast and keeping everything running smoothly in California.

Case in point: When I stopped by YouTube’s offices in San Bruno, Calif., Wednesday afternoon to get the inside scoop on YouTube’s Olympic streaming, I ended up talking with Gaedtke via Google’s Hangouts video-chat platform. His work day had started twelve hours before our meeting, and he simply hadn’t found any time to come to the office yet.

However, Gaedtke and YouTube product manager Varun Talwar still found some time to share some interesting insights into YouTube’s involvement with the…

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