‘Like Mr. Bean,’ but American: U.K. press turns against Romney after one day in London

National Post | News

By the end of presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s first full day in London on Thursday, he had been the target of a verbal jab from the British prime minister and had been mocked by the city’s mayor, who spoke before a cheering crowd.

So it is safe to say that Romney’s trip — carefully choreographed to boost his image on an international stage — has not gone exactly as planned.


How the British press greeted Mitt Romney
The Daily Mail called Romney’s British visit “humiliating,” adding it had “got off to an incredibly rocky start.”
The tabloid also reported on what it considered another gaffe, calling it “cringe-worthy” when Romney referred to British opposition leader Ed Miliband as “Mr. Leader.” Other media suggested Romney had forgotten Miliband’s name.
Times of London columnist Janice Turner wondered how Romney will manage trips to…

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