A startup’s bid to boost smart grid security


A few years ago, a report on the electric grid by the U.S. Department of Defense chided the power industry for not taking cybersecurity seriously: “Ninety to ninety-five percent of the people working on the smart grid are not concerned about security and only see it as a last box they have to check.”

Since then, more utilities are paying attention and starting to look for ways to protect their data and transmission and distribution networks, said Doug Westlund, CEO of N-Dimension Solutions, a Canadian cybersecurity company, during an interview this week. N-Dimension announced earlier this week it had raised an A round of $3.85 million, led by EnerTech Capital.

“I’m seeing utilities, including some municipal and public power utilities and co-op utilities, that are taking this seriously,” Westlund said.

Efforts by government, security companies and the Electric Power Research Institute, an R&D organization for the U.S. utility industry, have…

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