Farewell then, Petitebox, we barely knew you. The year-old startup, backed by German clone factory Rocket Internet, sold subscription packages for new parents… but it looks like it will never get the chance to grow up after it was effectively shut down.

On June 22, the U.S. site informed its users that it was “going on maternity leave”, and had therefore suspended everyone’s subscriptions. Then, on July 6 there was another message, apologizing for delays in sending customers their boxes and blaming the delays on “a logistics issue that was followed by the holiday”.

Cue howls of outrage, including several people complaining about being sent the wrong box, and about Petitebox not responding to customer service requests. The name of key U.S. competitor Citrus Lane was invoked approvingly more than once.

Fast forward to today, and it seems the German version of Petitebox has also gone AWOL

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