Chalk up another win for healthcare — and perhaps the entire publishing world — thanks to big data. A semantic analysis company called Atigeo has made it possible to search the archive of the National Institute of Health’s PubMed library, which consists of more than 400,000 research papers, using a graphical interface rather than just scrolling through pages of results.

Admittedly, I don’t spend too much time searching academic or professional databases anymore, but this is a novel approach from what I’ve seen. Powered by Atigeo’s software product called xPatterns, the new interface for exploring PubMed presents a hub-and-spoke-like diagram (which it calls “bubbles and sticks”) that viewers can manipulate by adding and subtracting search terms or by searching for related terms. With every click, a users drills down further into the results, although the original map of terms remains.

Atigeo markets xPatterns to a number of industries, from the…

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